How to Withdraw Your Child From Public School in Texas

Are you thinking about withdrawing your child from his or her current public or other school in Texas, so you can start homeschooling?

If so, you’ll be pleased to know you will be joining well over half a million parents in Texas who are home educating their child or children. And that number has been growing each year.

Just in case you’re wondering…

Yes, it is legal to homeschool in Texas.

Texas is one of the easiest US states to home educate your child in.

In fact homeschooling has been legal in Texas since 1994 when the Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of parents who were challenging the state’s compulsory attendance laws.

The court found that homeschooling is a form of private education (something that several other states now also recognize), and that parents have the right to choose to educate their children at home.

As a parent in Texas you have the right to withdraw your child from public school and begin homeschooling.

Here’s what you need to do:

Notify your school district: You must send a letter of withdrawal to your child’s school district. This letter should include your child’s name, date of birth, and the date you plan to begin homeschooling. You should also include your contact information.

Comply with state laws: Texas has specific laws regarding homeschooling. You must comply with these laws, which include teaching the required subjects, maintaining attendance records, and keeping immunization records up to date.

Your home education curriculum can feel like the most daunting part of this whole process.

But as a Texas homeschooling parent, you are free to choose your own curriculum and teaching methods.

Many states require you to have your child do regular standardized testing – but in Texas this isn’t a requirement.

You also won’t need to report to the state education department about your child’s progress.

However: parents are still responsible for ensuring that their children receive a quality education.

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