What Are Homeschooling Resources?

What are homeschooling resources

You already know that you will need resources when you dive into homeschooling.

But what are these resources for home education?

What exactly do you need, how much of it, how much will it cost, and where do you get it from?

If you are brand new to homeschooling you might feel a burden and almost a dread about choosing resources for a curriculum for your child. You want to get it right, but you don’t want to spend a vast fortune.

And with the seemingly endless choices we now have for selecting homeschool resources, it is definitely daunting to wade through all the possibilities to find the right resources for your children’s specific needs. And for any particular goals you might have for your home learning outcomes.

A common mistake is this:

New homeschool moms and parents seeking out and buying lots of books. Yes, books are important and reading is an invaluable skill and tool that will enhance every aspects of your child’s education. But ultimately, it is not the books that will teach your children.

Homeschool kids are taught by parents (or a tutor), rather than by books. The books are just that: a resource. A tool. A help. They don’t replace the teacher (whether that be your or your child’s part time or full time tutor).

Once you grasp this, you become much less stressed about finding the perfect books and perfect homeschool resources. Because let’s face it: there is no perfect. But there are many excellent options, and you don’t need to break the bank to get this done right.

Stop stressing about which homeschool resources to choose. Select something, and get started.

Yes it will more than likely become a process of trial and error as the months and years go past. As you and your children fall into a comfortable homeschooling routine, you may opt for resources that didn’t, in the beginning, seem ideal. This learning process is going to be an important part of your homeschooling progress.

There is not a one size fits all resource solution for every home schooling family. Through observation of your child you will learn what they need more of, and where their strengths are in their learning style. Some kids learn through listening, others through reading, many through doing. You may not even know what your child’s learning style is until your homeschooling progresses through the first year.

What could be the worst case if you select curriculum and resources that don’t turn out to be the best match for your child?

The world won’t end. What you can and will do is to discard those resources, and find new ones. This doesn’t have to cost the earth either. You don’t have to buy brand new. People will be looking to sell their homeschooling resources as their child gets older.

Buying used from other home school moms and parents can be the most cost saving method of all.

That doesn’t mean buying resources and curriculum material that is a decade old. Moms are selling materials a year or two after their child moves to a new year. In almost all cases this material will be completely relevant still. The fundamentals rarely change from year to year.

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