Vision Charter School

Vision Charter School, located at 19291 Ward Rd in Caldwell, is a highly regarded educational institution dedicated to providing a quality education to students in the community. With a focus on inclusivity, Vision Charter School ensures that all students, including those with disabilities, have equal access to education through its wheelchair accessible entrance.

With a strong commitment to academic excellence, Vision Charter School offers a comprehensive high school program. Students at Vision Charter School have access to a wide range of courses, allowing them to explore their interests and prepare for their future endeavors. Whether it is in the fields of science, mathematics, humanities, or the arts, Vision Charter School provides a supportive and engaging learning environment to help students reach their full potential.

The success of Vision Charter School is evident in the positive feedback received from its clients. Thirteen clients have rated the school with an impressive grade of 4 out of 5. This high rating is a testament to the quality of education and services provided by Vision Charter School.

For any inquiries or further information about the school, Vision Charter School can be contacted at (208) 455-9220. The dedicated staff at Vision Charter School are always available to answer any questions and address any concerns that parents or students may have.

In conclusion, Vision Charter School is an exceptional educational institution that offers a high school program with a focus on academic excellence. The school’s commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its wheelchair accessible entrance, ensuring that all students have equal access to education. With a rating of 4 out of 5 from thirteen satisfied clients, Vision Charter School has proven to be a trusted and reliable choice for students and parents in the community.

To learn more about Vision Charter School and its programs, it is recommended to visit their website at The website provides comprehensive information about the school, including enrollment procedures, curriculum details, and contact information. Contacting Vision Charter School through their website is a convenient and efficient way to get all the necessary information and start the journey towards a quality education.


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