Homeschooling in Virginia

Virginia is one of the more regulated states when it comes to homeschooling.

Virginia would not be thought of as one of the easiest states to homeschool in, and you do need to be able to meet some specific requirements to be allowed to become a home educator for your children in Virginia.

To be a home educator in Virginia, you yourself need to have some qualifications.

You also need to provide regular documentation and information to the school district throughout your child’s home schooling years.

Virginia homeschooling parents must have a state approved teacher’s certificate.

You also need to have your own high school diploma as a minimum school qualification to be a home educator in Virginia.

Each and every year that you intend to homeschool your child you need to inform the school district.

Virginia clearly has many more hurdles and much more regulation for homeschooling and home education compared to many other states like Texas and Alabama. In fact, Virginia is one of the more difficult states in the US to gain permission to homeschool.

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