Homeschooling in Sweden

What are the rules and regulations around homeschooling in Sweden?

Laws throughout Europe can differ considerably between different countries. So don’t just assume because homeschooling might be legal in one European country that the same applies everywhere.

When it comes to Sweden, the laws for homeschooling or educating your child at home full time are very strict.

It is very rare for homeschooling to be allowed in Sweden.

In Sweden, it is mandatory for all children to start attending an approved school by age 6.

Authorities will not give parents permission to homeschool their child based on any sort of religious or personal beliefs.

One exception which might sometimes be approved is to allow a parent to homeschool a child in Sweden where the parent(s) are only in the country temporarily for work reasons.

But for regular Swedish citizens and those visiting long term, gaining approval to home educate your child will be virtually impossible.

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