Single Mom Support Groups Near You

Being a single mom means a seemingly never ending to-do list and never ending worry.

If you have few or even no other friends or family to talk to, the isolation can become overwhelming. We know that this in turn leads to higher stress levels and potential anxiety and depression.

Finding the TIME to socialize with others is tough as a single mother. You’re probably run off your feet 7 days a week with the basics of trying to keep your children and home afloat – let alone having time to think about yourself.

A single mom support group can be a literal lifesaver for moms under stress, moms who have few or no other people to reach out to, and for any other mother who just wants that little bit extra companionship and the knowledge that other women are experiencing the exact same issues that you might be dealing with.

So how do you find a suitable and compatible single moms support group near you?

Searching online is obviously the first place most of us look. And you will find many groups for mothers on Facebook and other social media platforms; although Facebook is usually the most convenient and practical thanks to its Groups feature where admins of the best groups will be proactive in ensuring all members are there for the right reasons.

Facebook single mother support groups can either be general in terms of the location of the women who join, or they can be targeted to a local area. The local groups are beneficial if you’re keen to participate in real-world meet ups with other single moms.

If you use Facebook, then it makes sense to join a group or two to find out if it’s something that would meet the type of support you’re looking for.

Here are two of my favorite Facebook support and companionship groups for single moms in the US:

Moms Supporting Moms
This group is very popular (over 62,000 members) and well moderated. It usually gets several thousand posts each month from members. That’s over 150 new posts everyday. Yes that can seem overwhelming and it might well be, but you can just as easily unfollow the group while still remaining in it.

Surviving Single Parenthood
This is an even bigger group with well over 100,000 members. Yet, this group receives significantly less posts each month and day compared to Moms Supporting Moms.

I recommend Moms Supporting Moms if you want to choose just one large Facebook single moms support group for now. It’s smaller but more tight knit and your posts WILL get helpful and supportive responses from members.


Avoid public Facebook groups. These are usually lightly moderated, allow anyone to join and have prolific spam and worse. Stick to private, well moderated Facebook support groups for moms.

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