Secular homeschool curriculums (Homeschool curriculum that is not faith based)

Many parents throughout the US and other countries will choose to homeschool their children because of personal religious beliefs.

In the US, and some other countries, this is a valid and legal reason to undertake home education.

But there are certainly other reasons that parents make the homeschooling choice. You might not be religious at all, and your choice to educate your child at home could be for very different reasons.

Whatever your own personal reasons are for choosing homeschooling for your kids, you will find a suitable curriculum to follow.

Some curriculums will have a religion focus and often parents will create their own religious instruction to include in the curriculum at home, but there are also homeschool curriculums and resources that are not faith based and focus purely on the core school subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic (and others, if you choose).

If you want a purely secular homeschool curriculum to follow, you will find there are so many choices out there. The only difficulty will be choosing the right curriculum to suit your child!

As an example, I’ve chosen one secular purely academic focused homeschool curriculum resource to look at here. It’s called BrainPOP.

BrainPOP’s learning resources are based on recognized standards which cover all subjects and grades. This is the basis of a quality secular home education curriculum program, and I emphasize that BrainPOP is just one example of the hundreds of options we are now spoiled with to choose from.

What to look for in a secular homeschool curriculum

A good home eduation curriculum that is not faith based is going to include all the major academic subjects, plus additional subjects that you might or might not choose to have your child complete.

Most of the best curriculums will include:


  • Science
  • Reading/Writing/English
  • Health
  • Arts and Music
  • Technology

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