Pope-Yell County Single Parent Scholarship Fund

The Pope-Yell County Single Parent Scholarship Fund is part of the larger Arkansas single parent scholarship fund.

Single parents on low incomes are the target of this scholarship program, as you are the group that can have the toughest time of all in funding your further education.

Who is Eligible for this Scholarship?
Single parents who are residents of either Yell County or Pope, Arkansas, can apply for this scholarship program. This is one program contained within the larger Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund.

What can you use the money for?
This scholarship is not particularly restrictive in how the funds can be used – those who receive the scholarship are able to use the money at their own disrection, meaning that you could put the funds towards anything that assists in contributes to you being able to start and complete your education.

Some of the expenses you could cover with the money from this scholarship include direct academic expenses like tuition fees and books.

But you can also choose to use funds to pay for childcare, gas, utilities and food; all those things that can quickly put you behind financially when you are studying. This spending flexibility is a welcome relief compared with some other scholarships which can be quite specific in how the money must be used.

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