Pinecrest Academy of Idaho

Pinecrest Academy of Idaho, located at 586 Orchard Dr in Twin Falls, is a dedicated and inclusive educational institution that offers a range of services to meet the needs of its students. With a focus on providing a wheelchair accessible entrance, Pinecrest Academy ensures that all individuals have equal access to education.

One of the main services provided by Pinecrest Academy is its charter school program. As a charter school, Pinecrest Academy follows a unique curriculum that is tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of its students. This approach allows for a more personalized learning experience, fostering a love for knowledge and a deeper understanding of the subjects being taught.

Notably, Pinecrest Academy has received high praise from its clients, with an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5. This positive feedback is a testament to the quality of education and services provided by the academy. The dedication and commitment of the staff, along with their expertise in their respective fields, plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and satisfaction of the students.

For those interested in enrolling in Pinecrest Academy or learning more about the services offered, the academy can be contacted at (208) 944-2129. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to address any inquiries or concerns.

To truly experience what Pinecrest Academy has to offer, it is recommended to visit their website at The website provides detailed information about the academy’s programs, faculty, and resources. Through the website, potential students and their families can gain a deeper understanding of the academy’s values and mission.

In conclusion, Pinecrest Academy of Idaho stands as a reputable educational institution that is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible learning environment. With its charter school program and dedication to personalized education, Pinecrest Academy offers a unique and rewarding experience for its students. Contacting Pinecrest Academy through their website is strongly encouraged to explore the vast opportunities that await those who choose to become a part of this esteemed institution.


  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 7:30 AM–3:30 PM
  • Tuesday: 7:30 AM–3:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 7:30 AM–3:30 PM
  • Thursday: 7:30 AM–3:30 PM
  • Friday: 7:30 AM–3:30 PM
  • Satuday: Closed