Hunter Elementary School

Hunter Elementary School, located at 1630 Gillam Way in Fairbanks, is a dedicated educational institution that strives to provide a high-quality learning environment for all students. With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, Hunter Elementary School ensures that every student has equal opportunities to excel academically and personally.

As a Wheelchair accessible entrance, Hunter Elementary School is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for students with physical disabilities. The school has taken measures to ensure that all areas are easily accessible, allowing students with mobility challenges to navigate the premises comfortably.

Hunter Elementary School primarily offers services as an Elementary school, catering to students in their formative years of education. With a team of highly qualified and passionate educators, the school provides a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on both academic excellence and character development.

The dedication and commitment of the staff at Hunter Elementary School have not gone unnoticed. One client, who rated the school, gave it a perfect score of 5 out of 5. This testimonial speaks volumes about the exceptional quality of education and support provided by the school.

To learn more about the services and programs offered at Hunter Elementary School, individuals are encouraged to visit the school’s website at The website offers detailed information about the curriculum, extracurricular activities, and resources available to students and parents.

In conclusion, Hunter Elementary School is a reputable educational institution that prioritizes inclusivity and accessibility. With its Wheelchair accessible entrance and commitment to providing a high-quality education, the school has earned the trust and admiration of its clients. For those seeking an exceptional elementary school experience for their children, Hunter Elementary School comes highly recommended. Contact them through their website and take the first step towards a bright future for your child.


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