Is Homeschooling Common in the US?

Is Homeschooling Common in the US

Homeschooling is very common in the United States. In fact the US has one of the highest rates of home education in the world.

The latest statistics state that up to 7% of school aged children in the United States are now being homeschooled across the country. This is double the percentage of kids being homeschooled in 2012.

That’s around 3.7 million children being home educated right now in the USA.

This is more children than ever, and the biggest increase in homeschooling came (not suprisingly) during the pandemic where parents had no choice.

While many parents sent their kids back to school at the first opportunity, a record number decided to continue homeschooling after seeing the substantial benefits of home education.

Every US state has its own regulations and requirements for homeschooling (and some have very few regulations).

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