You will not get paid to homeschool your child in Florida.

Homeschooling is not considered a job by the state. It is a choice, and one that every parent can make if they wish.

Since 2016, home education program enrollments in Florida have almost doubled. More and more parents in Florida are choosing homeschooling for their children.

If you are homeschooling one or more of your children in Florida, you might be wondering whether this is something you could get paid to commit your time to.

Homeschooling is challenging for parents, especially those without teaching experience. It also takes time away from work or cut down your work hours where you would otherwise be earning money.

Unfortunately, because homeschooling is a voluntary task that you can take on purely by your own choice at home – you will not get paid to homeschool your children in Florida.

In fact no state will pay parents to homeschool their children.

This means one thing:

If you want to home educate your child, you’ll need to make sure it’s a financially viable decision.

Can you afford to take the time required to provide home learning for your child on a full or part time basis?

If time is limited, are you able to afford a tutor to assist during some homeschool lessons?

These are the serious questions to really sit down and think about before making the big decision about homeschooling your kid(s).

Florida made homeschooling an option in 1985 and since then tens of thousands of families have made the choice to homeschool throughout Florida.

In the year 2020-2021 well over 140,000 children were being educated at home in Florida. The pandemic saw a big spike but it is expected that many of these children will continue being homeschooled.

To start the homeschooling process for your child in Florida, the first step is to send a Letter of Intent to the school district superintendent. You then have to wait for the school district to acknowledge your Letter of Intent before you can register your children for home education.