Why Does Germany Not Allow Homeschooling?

Why Does Germany Not Allow Homeschooling

Germany does not allow homeschooling in place of regular school education.

That’s right: homeschooling is illegal in Germany. Parents can not keep their child at home and educate them. All children must attend a public or private school in Germany.

Germany made it illegal to homeschool children way back in 1919.

There’s only one circumstance where parents in Germany might get permission to homeschool: “where continued school attendance would create undue hardship for an individual child.” But proving that to authorities is considered difficult and as a result only a few hundred children in Germany are known to be homeschooled.

This makes Germany one of the strictest countries in the world against homeschooling.

Homeschooling is legal in some other major European countries like Austria, Belgium and France, under various conditions and regulations.

So why does Germany not allow homeschooling?

I should be very clear about what homeschooling being not legal in Germany actually means:

There is no law against educating your child at home, on any subject. As you would expect, any parent can teach their child to read, write, do math, music – anything. In Germany this can’t be full time – children in Germany must attend an approved school for the legally required terms. Want to do extra curricular teaching and tutoring for your child outside of school times? Perfectly legal in Germany. It’s called being a good parent, no matter where in the world you live.

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