What are the Disadvantages of Homeschooling?

Homeschooling disadvantages

Is homeschooling going to be all sunshine and smiles every single day? No. Well not for most of us at least.

But is regular schooling all sunshine and smiles everyday for your child? Not many kids would say it is.

I can talk endlessly about the advantages of homeschooling because there are so many.

But there’s no use pretending there aren’t any downsides. There will always be some not so sunny things. That’s life. The best things in life often have a downside that we don’t even think about. Homeschooling isn’t much different.

The key is this:

Any disadvantages of homeschooling are rarely going to be a deal breaker. In other words, for most of us the upsides will always win over any downsides. Most seeming disadvantages can actually be overcome quite easily, or with some sort of effort. But what doesn’t require effort in life? Winning the lottery is the only one I can think of. But if that ever happens I’ll be sure to write about it and share if it took any effort!

But back on topic…..

You’ve probably already thought of some of the possible disadvantages of homeschooling. I say possible, because it’s going to be different for every family. It is natural that we make a list of the pros and cons of any big decision. When the list of pros outnumbers the cons you know you’re on to a winner. For most prospective homeschoolers, the pros almost always outweigh the cons.

Let’s talk about the homeschool disadvantages then.

1. Socializing
Yes it’s one of the big things any loving parent is going to think about. Will my homeschooled child get as much social activity as children who are still going to regular school? This is wholly within your control, and only becomes a disadvantage if the lifestyle you choose doesn’t include the level of social interaction with friends that your child needs or wants.

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