Connections Academy for Homeschoolers

The Connections Academy provides a different type of education option for homeschooling parents and students throughout the United States.

You can consider it as a hybrid school-homeschool education.

This is a education program for years K-12. It’s all about learning from home – a tuition-free online public school.

The Connections Academy makes it easier to homeschool your child, thanks to the vast resources on offer. Essentially it means you don’t have to start from scratch in working out lessons and how to teach the subjects you want your child to focus on through their home education.

The The Connections Academy is available to all students in:

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School

So what is the Connections Academy all about any why would you want to “connect” with it if you’re going to start homeschooling, or if you’re already homeschooling your children?

Firstly, Connections Academy takes a public school approach but provides this via online learning. This means there are no tuition costs, just like public schooling. So home educators on a tight budget will be happy to know that the Connections Academy is 100% tuition free.

Connections Academy offers field trips to all online/homeschooling students of the academy, but they are optional. These trips, as well as basic supplies, are the only costs you’d need to consider. Not a whole lot different to doing all the homeschooling yourself.

Where is the Connections Academy located?

There are Connections Academy schools in many US states. Of course, your child doesn’t have to attend the school if you’re doing online learning.

Who is the Connections Academy best suited for?

The Academy is suited for homeschooling parents who want the support and resources of a school institution without the need to physically attend. The Academy allows your child access to teachers who they can be in regular contact with. This is the primary difference between enrolling at the Connections Academy and being a pure homeschooler.

It’s not suited to those parents who want to plan 100% of their child’s education at home and to be their sole teacher.

The Connections Academy is ideal for parents wanting more of a community approach to home education, because unlike with regular homeschooling where you might need to arrange for any social gatherings for your child, the Connections Academy provides the option for all students to collaborate online if and when you desire.

So what role would you as a homeschooling parent play if your child learns at home through the Connections Academy?

The Academy encourages parents to become what they call a Learning Coach. Think of it as being similar to a teacher’s assistant.

So if you have or are thinking about enrolling your child into the Connections Academy, you will have some of the following responsibilities:

  • Working out how your child’s learning days will be structured
  • Monitor and supervise your child’s lesson attendance and work
  • Assist with the learning activites and lessons at home
  • Communicate with the teachers (email and phone available)

As your child progresses through his or her school years with the Connections Academy, your role will reduce as they become much more independent with at-home learning.

During the Elementary school years they suggest that you spend 5 to 6 hours each school day supporting your child’s learning through the Academy. This is considerably more time than some home educators might spend each day on lessons in the home, so it’s important to consider just how much free time you’d have to dedicate.

By Middle School and High School your child will usually only need between 1 and 3 hours of assistance each day with Connections Academy learning, and this will wholly depend on your child’s individual progress and ability to work with little or no supervision and assistance.

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