Homeschooling in California

California used to be a more difficult state to legally homeschool in, but in recent times it’s become much more relaxed with authorities generally accepting that homeschooling is allowed in California and that home education is essentially thought of as a type of private school in the home.

Although home education in California is not unregulated to the extent of some other states like Texas or Alabama, what requirements exist are not overly difficult to comply with.

California requires that home educated children are enrolled in a qualified private school. However: this private school can be the one that you set up in your own home for your children.

An important California homeschooling requirement is for all home educators to submit documentation to the Department of Education every year.

Since around 2008 when an important court case decided that parents without recognized credentials or teaching qualifications could homeschool their children in California, home education has become much more widely accepted and commonplace in the state.

Home educated students in California have no legal requirement to take any tests throughout the year, so it’s up to you as an educator to decide whether you want to impose any type of testing, even if only as an informal way of measuring your child’s progress.

As you might expect, the popularity of homeschooling does vary throughout the states with home education being taken up more so in some places and very little in others.

Homeschooling in The Ojai Valley, California

Ojai Valley is home to some distance learning schools which are attractive to parents wanting to home educate, while also have the resources and support of an actual school without having to physically attend.
Some of the best and most respected homeschooling supported schools or institutions include the Valley Oak Charter School, Laurel Springs School, and Global Village School.

Homeschooling in Frazier Park, California

Frazier Park in Kern County is well known as an area where homeschooling is popular. This small community of under 3000 residents is predicted to have one of the higher rates of homeschooled students in California. Potentially 30% of children in Frazier Park are though to be home educated at any one time.

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