Village Scholarships – What Is It?

Village Scholarships had a goal of being a modern day scholarship organization with a twist: to makes use of crowdfunding and other methods to generate income which is then dispersed to scholarship winners who can use it to fund their education.

The entrepreneurs (twins) behind Village Scholarships first appeared on the show Shark Tank where they spruiked the idea for this scholarship crowdfunding platform. Unfortunately the company has not gone on to operate after 2016, indicating that their idea, although a fantastic one, did not receive the financial backing that they needed to get it off the ground.

The website which no longer exists, was originally just a concept site to display on the site and their social media accounts have not been updated since 2016. Sadly it looks like they’ve had to give up on the idea for now.

Village Scholarships came up with a great idea to help fund scholarships for students most in need. Let’s hope they are able to get the platform running at some point because this could be a life changing organization if they can come up with a better business plan, and ultimately receive the support it so deserves to get off the ground.

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