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University of Alabama Scholarships 2017-2018

Updated: June 21, 2017

Scholarships at the University of Alabama are highly sought after, and for good reason. This is an institution that is respected and highly regarded by students wanting to move into tertiary study.

Most students need financial assistance to help pay for university education, and a scholarship through the UA is an excellent way to get financial aid for your studies. In some cases, a UA scholarship could cover your entire tuition costs.

Whether you’re a freshman, undergraduate, out of state student or transferring, there are scholarships at the University of Alabama that are suitable for most students to apply for.

What You Need To Know About UA Scholarships

  • In some cases, it is possible to combine multiple scholarships from the UA. This depends upon the value of each scholarship, with the limit being that you can not receive more than one scholarship is the combined total will equal more than your tuition fees. Any money received from the Pell Grant or other government aid is not counted towards your total.
  • You do not have to be an admitted student to apply for a scholarship with the University, as long as you have submitted your general admissions application. Within 48 hours you will receive your CWID and then you will be able to access the scholarship applications.

University of Alabama National Merit Scholarships

A National Merit Scholarship at UA is part of the nationwide academic scholarship program run by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

It is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as law students.

The scholarship provides tuition value financial aid for up to 10 semesters or five years of study.

It also includes a year of on-campus housing provided at the regular room rate.

A one time allowance of $2,000 is a bonus of this scholarship and it can be used after your first year of study at UA for either international study or summer research.

An additional Technology Enrichment Allowance of $1000 is also included.

To apply, visit the National Merit Scholarship website

University of Alabama Out Of State Scholarships

There are 5 merit based out of state scholarships offered by The University of Alabama.

These are:

  • Capstone Scholar
  • Collegiate Scholar
  • Foundation in Excellence Scholar
  • UA Scholar
  • Presidential Scholar

Basic eligibility requirements for all of these out of state US scholarships are:

– You must be a first time freshman
– You need to meet the scholarship priority deadline of December 15
– Your cumulative high school GPA must be at least 3.5
– You must have a qualifying score either on the ACT or SAT

Capstone Scholar

This scholarship is valued at $14,000.

Payments are distributed to the winners over a four year study period; equalling $3500 of funds each year.

To qualify for the Capstone Scholar you need to have either:

  • 27 ACT
  • 1210–1240 SAT (old)
  • 1280-1300 (new)

As well as a 3.5 cumulative GPA

If you meet all these basic requirements then you can apply for the UA Capstone Scholar program.

Collegiate Scholar

This is a $16,000 scholarship, with payments also distributed over 4 years – equalling $4000 of funds per year of study.

You quality to apply for the Collegiate Scholar if you meet the following basic requirements:

  • 28 ACT, or
  • 1250–1280 SAT (old), or
  • 1310-1340 SAT (new)

And you must have a minimum GPA of 3.5. As long as you meet these eligibility factors you are able to apply for the Collegiate Scholar at The University of Alabama.

Foundation in Excellence Scholar

This is a very generous scholarship, valued at $52,000 and paid out over 4 years – so a total of $13,000 per year. To meet the basic eligibility requirements to apply for a Foundation in Excellence Scholar, you must have one of the following qualifications:

  • 29 ACT
  • 1290-1320 SAT (old)
  • 1350-1380 SAT (new)

UA Scholar

Valued at $71,904, paid over 4 years, the UA scholar covers two thirds of tuition costs of a four year degree program.

To quality, you must meet either of the following:

  • Have a ACT of 30-31
  • Have an old SAT score of 1330-1390
  • Have a new SAT score of 1390-1440

Presidential Scholar

This is the highest qualified and most prestigious merit based out of state scholarship available at UA. It is worth a huge $107,800.

The money is paid out over a 4 year period, so the winner of the Presidential Scholar receives $26,950 of funding per year. Any left over money at graduation time can be used for further graduate or law school study at UA.

To quality for the Presidential Scholar you must meet either of these basic requirements:

  • Have a 32-36 ACT
  • Have a 1400-1600 SAT score (old)
  • Have a 1450-1600 SAT score (new)

These five University of Alabama Scholarships for out of state students provide exceptional opportunities to a small number of eligible and highly promising students to receive very generous financial assistance during your studies at UA.

University of Alabama In-State Scholarships

There are four in-state scholarships available from UA. Each one has a specific award amount and specific eligibility requirements when it comes to your ACT or equivalent scores. All of the below scholarships require applicants to have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5.

The four UA in-state scholarships are:

  • Capstone Scholar
  • Collegiate Scholar
  • Foundation in Excellence Scholar
  • Presidential Scholar

Capstone Scholar

This scholarship is worth $14,000, paid over 4 years of study at $3,500 each year to help cover tuition costs.

To be eligible to apply for the Capstone Scholar, you must have a 27 ACT, or SAT (new) score of 1280-1300, or old SAT score of 1210-1240.

Collegiate Scholar

The winner of the Collegiate Scholar receives a total of $16,000 in scholarship money, with it being paid out yearly over four years at $4,000 per year.

To qualify as an application of this scholarship you must have at least a 28 ACT, or a new SAT score of 1310-1340, or an old SAT score of 1250-1280.

Foundation in Excellence Scholar

Worth a total of $20,940, paid out over four years, the Foundation in Excellence Scholar covers one half tuition which is a huge help for the winning student. To qualify, you need to have at least a 29 ACT, or new SAT score of 1350-1380, or old SAT score of 1290-1320.

Presidential Scholar

The most prestigious of all scholarships, the Presidential Scholar provides the winner with the entire value of tuition costs over four years, or $41,800 in total. Paid over four years, this equals $10,470 per year in financial aid.

Eligibility requirements for the Presidential Scholar are at the higher end, with applicants needing to have an ACT of 30-36, or an old SAT score of 1330-1600, or a new SAT score of 1390-1600.

If you are selected for the Presidential Scholar award and have scholarship semesters remaining, the funds are then able to be used for graduate school or law school at the University of Alabama.

The deadline for applications for UA in-state scholarships is December 15

University of Alabama Transfer Scholarships

If you want to transfer to UA after studying at an Alabama community college, there are a number of scholarships (currently 11 in total) offered by the university’s Undergraduate Admissions for transfer students. Some of these awards require you to have specific qualifications, while others are departmental. Community college Phi Theta Kappa members are also eligible for some specific UA scholarships.

Below are the 11 available Transfer Scholarships at UA. Each of them have a basic eligibility requirement of a cumulative GPA of 3.5.

To receive priority recommendation for any of the following scholarships as a transfer student, you must submit the below documents by March 1st before your fall enrolment:

  • Submit your application for admission
  • Submit your application for scholarships
  • Submit your official college transcripts from your community college
  • Submit any additional scholarship documentation where required

Scholarship applications can be completed at the myBama online portal.

The scholarships available to students transferring to The University of Alabama are:

Alabama’s Promise

This special scholarship exists thanks to a $1 million grant from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Award with the aim of assisting the university in providing community college advise programs to benefit students in the Black Belt and Appalachia.

UA used this grant to develop Alabama’s Promise which is a needs-based financial aid program designed to assist young students who wish to transfer to institutions like The University of Alabama.

The winners of this grant receive $4,000 in financial aid each academic year, over four semesters. Winners need to stay in good standing academically throughout their studies in order to continue receiving the funds.

If you meet the following criteria, you can apply for financial aid through the UA Alabama’s Promise program:

  • You must be a graduate from a high school in Alabama
  • Be aged 25 years or younger
  • Be in good standing at the Alabama college you want to transfer from
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 from an Alabama community college in either an Associate in Art or Associate in Science Degree. Alternatively, you can have 45 hours minimum of general education requirements at an Alabama community college with a 3.0 QPA.

To apply for the Alabama’s Promise grant you need apply for either a full or partial Pell Grant by completing the FAFSA, and your EFC needs be no more than $3500.

Your FAFSA and transfer scholarship application should be submitted by March 1.

Community College Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship covers the costs of tuition for two years of study.

Financial Aid Community College Honors Scholarships

Two years of tuition costs are covered by this scholarship program as well.

Community College Distinguished Scholarships

This scholarship is worth $8000 over a period of two years, paid in $4000 amounts per year.

Community College Achievement Scholarships

A $6000, 2 year scholarship where the winners receive $3000 each year for two years.

National Alumni Association Community College Honors Scholarships

Worth a total of $4600 – this scholarship provides $2000 yearly plus an additional yearly book grant of $300.

Community College Merit Scholarships

A $4000 scholarship, paid over 2 years at $2000 per year.

All-Alabama Academic Team Scholarship

This scholarship is worth $2000, paid over 2 years, and also includes an additional $300 yearly book grant.

Community College Recognition Scholarships

A $2000 scholarship, paid over two years at $1000 each year.

Phi Theta Kappa Honors Scholarships

This is a $6000 scholarship and the winners receive $3000 each year. To be eligible for this scholarship you must also be a PTK organization member at the Alabama community college you are transferring from.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

A $4000 scholarship paid over 2 years, students also need to be a PTK organization member at a community college.

Shelton State Phi Theta Kappa Honors Scholarships

This is a $6000 scholarship, paid out at $3000 yearly for two years. Additional requirements for students applying for this scholarship is to be a member of the Shelton State Community College PTK organization.

University of Alabama Alumni Scholarships

The children and grandchildren of members of the National Alumni Association who also hold a degree from the university are eligible to apply for an Alumni Scholarship at UA.

Two awards are available in this category:

  • Alumni Scholar Award
  • Alumni Heritage Scholarship

What you need to know about Alumni Scholarships at UA:

Alumni Scholar Award

UA wants knows the value and potential of the children and grandchildren of past graduates, which is why they’ve created specific alumni scholarship programs.

The scholarship is valued at $4,000, with $1,000 being distributed each year over the course of a four year undergraduate study program.

The Alumni Scholar Award is only available for students entering UA as a new freshmen and who are a child or grandchild of a past graduate of The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Your parent or grandparent must also be a current member of the National Alumni Association in order for you to qualify for this scholarship. If they are not a current member, you could still qualify provided your parent or grandparent agrees to write a check to the Alumni Fund.

This scholarship isn’t open to transfer students.

How To Qualify and Apply

For 2017-2018 scholarships, your minimum ACT must be 25. This translates to 1130 in the older SAT format.

If you are eligible to apply, you need to submit an Application for Admission along with any required documents. This can be done online at

The cut off date for applications is December 15, 2016

Alumni Heritage Scholarship

This scholarship is also for children and grandchildren of past UA graduates. This award is valued at $500 and is only available for the freshman year.

To quality, you need to be enrolled for 2017 fall semester and 2018 spring semester, full time (12 hours minimum) and on campus.

To be eligible for the Alumni Heritage Scholarship your UA degree-holding parent or grandparent must also have been a member of the National Alumni Association for at least three of the past five years.

An Application for Admission and all required documents need to be submitted if you want to apply for this scholarship. You can do that at

The cut off date for applications is December 15, 2016

University of Alabama Freshman Scholarships

Freshmen entering UA are able to get priority consideration for academic scholarships at UA by submitting a number of applications during the fall, and by December 15 of your senior high school year.

A number of forms and applications need to be submitted by freshmen students, so it’s wise to get organized early. This is what you will need to submit to UA:

– Application for admission (to be submitted to UA before applying for any scholarships)
– Scholarships application (to be submitted by December 15 myBama)
– Your official high school transcript
– Your official test score on either the SAT or ACT
– Any additional scholarship documentation where required

You do not need to submit your scholarship applications to specific departments depending upon what area you wish to study. This is done automatically depending upon what you wish to major in.

University of Alabama Academic Elite Scholarships

Students who have been accepted into the University Fellows Experience at UA are eligible to apply for the Academic Elite Scholarship. Eight students are chosen to receive this scholarship each year, and to continue holding it you need to continue being a member of UFE.

For 7 winners, this scholarship is valued at $34,000 per student – a total of $8500 per year for a period of four years.

For the 8th winner of the scholarship, the very top recipient will receive a total of $60,000 – paid in $15,000 yearly increments over four years.

All 8 winners of the UA Academic Elite Scholarships receive the value of tuition either in or out of state for a total of 4 years. Additionally, the scholarship holders also get access to a year of on campus housing at the regular room rate of the largest room option in a dorm, including four person suites.

A special bonus for the top recipient of this scholarship is a $5,000 Study Abroad Stipend; providing invaluable experience that would be otherwise difficult to afford.

How to apply for the Academic Elite Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship, you first need to apply and be accepted for the University Fellows Experience (UFE).

To be able to apply for UFE, you must have a GPA of 3.8, and an ACT score of 32, or an old SAT score of 1400, or a new SAT score of 1450.

The deadline for applications to the UFE is December 15

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