Is Your Resume Ruining Your Job Search? How to Fix Your Resume Today

The importance of a top notch resume can not be stated enough. It’s your first impression and all too often, the only impression you will get in front of a prospective employer. A poor resume can make or break your chance of getting called up for an interview, so it’s well worth putting the time and effort in to make your resume the absolute best it can be. This can also sometimes mean customizing your resume for each position you apply for. There’s no doubt that creating or improving your resume can cause stress and analysis paralysis – not knowing where to start, what the layout should be, which points you should highlight and just as importantly – what you should leave out. This is why more and more people choose to make the small investment into a professional resume service. For what is a usually modest price, you could wind up getting that job that you might have been overlooked for if your resume wasn’t done so well. For those who are confident in creating your own resume, go for it! Over time you will come to learn what works and what doesn’t get you a response, and you should always be looking to fine tune your resume particularly when things aren’t going great with the job search.

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