Saturday October 24, 2020

Best Jobs for Single Mothers With No Degree

Can you get a well paid job with no degree? Of course you can.

Whether it’s work you want to do while studying for your degree, or if you’ve decided that going to college right now may not be what you want to do (or can do) after all: don’t lose hope.

There are many opportunities out there for women and mothers with little or no formal qualifications or a degree. Read more…

eSports Scholarships – Scholarships for Gamers

Gaming is big business these days. Not only developing games; but playing them. Gaming is now a real sport (called “esports”), often with money involved for the best players. And just like we have sports scholarships, there are now more and more gaming scholarships available to talented gamers.

eSports – if you’re a busy mom you probably don’t have a lot of time to think about computer games. You might have a family member who does though; or perhaps you ARE into computer games and you happen to be really good at one of them, and you’re wanting to go back to school.

What if you could combine both?

eSports is a relatively new term given to the competitive world of gaming. And yes, there are now real eSports scholarships out there for the most talented and motivated gamers who want to advance their skill and prospects in this field that has increasingly become one where it’s possible to make a living.

Even the biggest universities in the country see the value in esports, and many are offering scholarships. The University of California, Irvine for example was the first public US university to offer a dedicated esports scholarship, which it only started doing in very recent years. So this is a very new field in the world of scholarships, and one that keen people are taking notice of. These scholarships have been valued up to $6000.

The National Association of Collegiate Esports is the governing body for esports in the USA and it now has around 110 members covering universities and colleges throughout the country. Needless to say, these institutions are keen to take on board the most talented esport gamers, and most of these are willing to offer scholarships in order to do that.

Are Scholarships Taxable? Will I Need To Pay Tax on Scholarship Money?

I’ve you been awarded a scholarship, or are looking to apply for scholarships in the hope of receiving one, you will be pleased to know that most scholarships are not taxable. That is: in most cases, if you get a scholarship you will not have to pay tax on the amount you receive.

There are some exceptions though. So while most scholarships aren’t required to be taxable, there are a few circumstances where a scholarship might have to be taxed. Read more…

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