Saturday October 24, 2020

Village Scholarships – What Is It?

Village Scholarships had a goal of being a modern day scholarship organization with a twist: to makes use of crowdfunding and other methods to generate income which is then dispersed to scholarship winners who can use it to fund their education.

The entrepreneurs (twins) behind Village Scholarships first appeared on the show Shark Tank where they spruiked the idea for this scholarship crowdfunding platform. Unfortunately the company has not gone on to operate after 2016, indicating that their idea, although a fantastic one, did not receive the financial backing that they needed to get it off the ground.

The website which no longer exists, was originally just a concept site to display on the site and their social media accounts have not been updated since 2016. Sadly it looks like they’ve had to give up on the idea for now.

Village Scholarships came up with a great idea to help fund scholarships for students most in need. Let’s hope they are able to get the platform running at some point because this could be a life changing organization if they can come up with a better business plan, and ultimately receive the support it so deserves to get off the ground.

17 Income Ideas For Single Moms – How To Make Money While Studying

As a single mother, we need as much income as we can get.

Going back to school is expensive, and juggling work, family and study is hard.

mom working at home

So how else can you get some extra dollars in your pocket to pay the bills, for childcare, transport, books and other expenses?

We are so fortunate with the opportunities now available when it comes to finding innovative ways to make a side income – or even a full time income – without having a traditional full time job.

I’ve come up with 17 of the most accessible and do-able income ideas for busy single mothers who need to be able to earn some money while caring for your children, while studying, while running a household, and even while working a current job as well.

Hopefully one or more of these ideas will help open new doors to a more secure financial situation for you and your family, allowing you to focus on your future without the constant stress of not being able to pay the bills.

I aim to regularly update this list with new ideas, particularly as it relates to online earnings ideas considering how new opportunities can often come up.

Overall all though, you will find the main concepts apply to any avenue and that avoiding “quick money” schemes is absolutely essential as they are simply a waste of time and only result in disappointment.

I want to provide only the very best ideas for moms who need and want to make money. I am making a very important point not to include schemes and scams like online surveys, pyramid schemes, data entry and other nonsense that will zap your time and energy, and make you no money whatsoever.

Only legitimate, real, trustworthy and safe ideas for making extra money at home are included here.

Things that real people like us are earning an income from everyday – and there’s no reason why you can’t be one of them. Does it take work to earn money on the internet and from home? Of course. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

But once you know what you’re doing, and the potential that is there with any particular task, the sky is the limit. Who knows – you could even end up making a full time income from any one or more of these ideas. But even just making enough to cover the bills, gas, rent and food is a huge bonus for so many moms.

Craigslist Income



You have no doubt already though of ebay – it’s usually the first port of call for anyone needing to make some cash. But going beyond selling just what you can find around the house – eBay has other opportunities if we use our imagination and creativity, combined with some research.


Photography is one of those hobbies that every second person seems to do. And there’s no doubt that making money from taking photos is difficult; if not impossible for most people. But most people haven’t even thought about trying to make some money on the side by selling or monetizing their photos.

If you have a camera of any type, then thinking outside the box when it comes to using it could help yield you some side income. True, you’re not going to pay your way through college with photography (unless you happen to have time to start up a successful wedding photography business!), but like most of us, even a small amount of money coming in is going to help.

So how can you try and make money from your photos? Well to start with, we aren’t talking about earning money from your family happy snaps. No, the types of photos you’ll need to be taking are those that are valued as “stock photos” – that is, images that publishers can use along with their articles and other content.

You’ve most likely come across stock photos when reading news websites and many other websites that use them. But often you won’t know these are stock photos unless you read the small caption underneath.

There are many stock photo agencies out there who will pay anything from a few cents up to several dollars per photo sold to their clients. Some of the best ones to look at include Getty Images, iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Fotolia.

Pet Sitting

This will depend how much time and space you have, and how old your children are. You may also need to be licensed to run a small pet sitting business, but check with your local authorities first. Providing a reliable pet sitting service for local residents has become lucrative.

Some pet minding businesses are very large and operate out of commercial premises, while others are run at home and cater to just a small number of regular pet clients. People with dogs in particular who work long hours love the peace of mind that their pet is being looked after while they are at work, or while they’re on vacation.

Some pet owners are happy just to have someone visit to feed their pet breakfast or dinner and this can be a small, quick job that can result in regular cash. Finding clients can be done on Facebook, in local community groups, and on local sign boards.

Michael Bloomberg $1.8 Billion of Scholarships at Johns Hopkins University

For many of us, going to a top university has always been out of the question; it’s just affordable.

Now, philanthropist Michael Bloomberg has made a huge contribution that is going to change that for students at least one university: Johns Hopkins University.

Bloomberg is making available $1.8 billion worth of scholarships and financial aid so that budding students can study at this highly respected university, regardless of their financial situation or if they don’t come from a wealthy family.

According the Bloomberg’s article published today in the New York Times, the result of his generous donation for financial aid and scholarships is that JHU will never again be using financial circumstances as part of admission decisions for students; otherwise known as “needs-blind”. This opens up opportunities for studying at JHU to anyone with the academic ability and the will.

John Hopkins University

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