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Best Jobs for Single Mothers With No Degree

Updated: November 20, 2018

Can you get a well paid job with no degree? Of course you can.

Whether it’s work you want to do while studying for your degree, or if you’ve decided that going to college right now may not be what you want to do (or can do) after all: don’t lose hope.

There are many opportunities out there for women and mothers with little or no formal qualifications or a degree.

Studying at university or college is not for everyone.

Millions of people have rewarding and well paying careers without a degree. Does it take hard work? Nothing in life that’s worth it doesn’t. But us moms are no strangers to work and commitment; that’s for certain.

But don’t let not having a degree get your spirits down when it comes to finding a job that you not only feel fulfilled in, but one that pays enough to support your family.

There are many reasons why a single mother – or anyone for that matter – might not wish to study at college and obtain a degree.

You might not be able to afford it, despite any government financial assistance or scholarship help. Or you simply might not feel that you’re suited to university and the structured academic requirements.

That’s OK – not everyone needs a degree. Sure, you’re not going to become a doctor, accountant or a lawyer, but you CAN indeed take a career path in many fields that allow you to learn on the job.

You might already have considerable life experience and skills that make you an ideal candidate for a non-degree position. Any sort of skill or experience you have should be highlighted on your resume where it relates to the job you’re applying for; even if it’s not academic.

Employers are increasingly looking at people’s attitude, life experience and motivations over formal qualifications.

From an employer’s perspective, hiring someone who has passion, energy, positivity and motivation to succeed in a role is often preferable to someone who has the degree, but not have the ability to think outside the box, or who expects to be placed in a higher up position because of their academic qualification.

A lot of jobs only require a certificate qualification – and these are quicker, easier and much less expensive to obtain than a bachelor’s degree. For many single mothers, women, and people in general, starting out with a certificate and gaining experience in an industry through employment is often a starting point to moving into a university degree later on – when time, money and confidence allows.

Looking at employment is only one side of the coin though: many people without a degree successfully start their own business. If you can do that; you don’t have to answer to anyone besides yourself when it comes to your educational qualifications (provided you are not planning to become a self employed accountant or lawyer or other professional where you will naturally need your degree and further education).

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