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Dollars For Scholars – 2019 Scholarships

Updated: November 10, 2018

Making dreams come true: Dollars For Scholars provides hope and opportunity for students throughout the country by raising funds and distributing scholarships to people who need them the most.

2019 scholarships through the program are currently being listed and opened for applications.

Many of the DFS scholarships are highly suited to moms going back to school and can provide enormous financial assistance with your education!

What is Dollars For Scholars?

The program is run by Scholarship America, and it is powered by passionate people who work in their own local communities to help award scholarships to local students in need.

Dollars For Scholars has been providing important educational support and scholarship opportunities to American students for 50 years. The program now includes over 300 colleges, universities and other schools throughout the US.

Fast Facts About the Program:

  • America’s biggest and most generous grassroots scholarship program
  • Provides financial assistance for students that can be used for tuition fees, paying down student debt, and other education expenses
  • Powered by a community of volunteers, donors and local organizations
  • Each year, 25,000 scholarships are distributed to needy students throughout the country
  • Helps promising students achieve their academic goals by reducing the financial strain of studying while working or raising children

How Can You Get a Dollars For Scholars Scholarship?

As long as there is a Dollars For Scholars program running in your local area, you can then create a free profile on the official website which then gives you the opportunity to be matched to suitable scholarships, and then apply for them!

You are able to search before you get started, in order to find out if Dollars For Scholars is currently operating in your area.

A fantastic initiative on the Scholarship America website is the ability to create your own personal profile which can then be evaluated for potential matching scholarships – while still giving you total control over which ones you will want to submit your application to.

This can add to your strategy of locating suitable scholarships, with less work by not wasting your time applying for ones which you may not be eligible for in the first place.

Examples of Dollars For Scholars programs opening soon

The list of available scholarships is kept up to date on the official website of this program. Already, there are some fantastic scholarship opportunities listed for 2019 that are open or will soon be open for applications.

The below scholarships all offer excellent incentives for mothers to apply for – so check them out to see if you’re eligible and note down the application dates so you don’t miss out!

If you are a resident in any of these areas, you could be eligible to apply. If not, certainly keep a close eye on the list so you’ll be aware of any opportunities that come up in your local area or state that you can apply for.

Catch a Break! Scholarship – Minnesota

This will be the ultimate scholarship to get if you live and study in Minnesota. A chance to undertake four years of study, and graduate debt-free. The scholarship being offered is valued at up to $10,000 per year, so is an extremely generous and highly sought after opportunity amongst students.

You must be able to show financial need to be eligible for this scholarship, and have plans to undertake a four year course in any public college or university in the state of Minnesota.

Cash Store Continuing Education Scholarship Program

This scholarship will be open to people aged over 25 years, and who have graduated from high school. With 5 awards of $1000 on offer, this money will cover some of the basic costs of tuition and education.

Note that only the first 200 applications that are submitted will be accepted, so this is going to be a popular scholarship that you’ll need to get your application in fast for to have a chance at.

Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award

As mentioned earlier in this post, to be eligible for a Dollars For Scholars award you need to live in an area where this is a local DFS volunteer (known as an affiliate). You will then need a recommendation from your local affiliate representative in order to apply.

This Student Volunteer Award (SVA) scholarship usually opens early in the year for applications and is valued at $1000 for each winner.

One lucky national winner will also receive a 4 year renewable $1000 reward – totalling $4000 in funds. This would provide a huge help over the course of a degree program.

The goal of this scholarship is to reward students who “who embody the volunteer spirit of Dollars for Scholars.”

This award can be renewed for up to four years of study, providing a good amount of financial aid throughout your studies. As long as you meet the original eligibility requirements for Dollars For Scholars, and have completed your profile on their website, you will be in the running for this Volunteer Award.

Importantly for mothers wanting to go back to school, this scholarship can be applied to by adults who are resuming their education after a gap, or those who are just entering secondary education for the first time. It is also open to people who have received the award in the past, meaning you are able to apply for the SVA again even if you were a past recipient.

A summary of what you will need to be eligible to apply for the Dollars For Scholars Student Volunteer Award:

– Live in a community where there is a local affliate representative of Dollars For Scholars
– Go to your local Dollars For Scholars website and complete a profile
– Receive a recommendation from your community affiliate representative
– You need to have plans to enrol, or be already enrolled in an accredited college, technical school or university in a fully time 2 or 4 year course.

There are several factors that judges will look at when deciding who they will award these scholarships to. The most important factors to keep in mind when you a preparing and applying for the SVA are:

  • 1. How many volunteer hours you have put in with Dollars For Scholars (this is the most important thing that the judges will look at)
  • 2. Your academic record
  • 3. Other community activities

Applying for this scholarship requires you to fill out your profile on the Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars Student Center website. Once this is done, you’ll not only be able to apply for the SVA, but you’ll also be matched up with other scholarships that you are eligible for.

James L. and Nellie M. Westlake Scholarship

If you are a resident of Missouri and have already done 1-2 years of study at a Missouri community college, and you have enough credits to be transfered to an accredited college or university for four years, then you will be eligible to apply for this generous scholarship program, provided you also meet the financial eligibility requirements: a gross family income of $50,000 or under and a family contribution of no more than $7000.

The award for this scholarship is enough to cover the entire cost of tuition, as well as an additional $2000 to use on books, fees and other supplies.

Applications for this scholarship usually open in December.

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    Hello I’m Asteria M Kimambo from Tanzania, I’m a married woman with two kids pursuing masters of oil and gas engineering at China university of petroleum. My Expectation is to continue with phd in the relevant course in 2018/2019 after my graduation. Therefore I’m requesting for direction how to apply for this mom scholarship.


  2. Krystal
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    Hello, my name is Krystal. I am divorced and trying to raise to kids on my own. I went to Umpqua Community Collage and graduated with a certificate in medical assisting. I have worked in the medical field for 12 years. My goal was to become an RN by the time I was 30 but due to my marital issues I was not able to do so. I am hoping to return to Umpqua Community College to get my degree in Nursing. It would be a true blessing to have some extra help with the cost of college and books.

  3. danielle michelle arty-thompson
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    Hi my name is Danielle Arty and going thru a Divorce, I have two kids and looking to finish my schooling. I need help..
    Thank you

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    I’m currently in school. I’m trying to retrain to do a less strenuous job. I hurt myself on December 1st and I have been dealing with a knee injury. And was advised to change my profession. So I could really use the help.

  5. November 19th, 2014 at 16:23 | #5

    Good morning
    My name is Shannon Greene and I am a mother of two trying to go back to school. I don’t have a clue where to start so I hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction. My cell phone number is 301-412-1751 and my address is 9308 48th Ave College Park MD 20740. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

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