US Government Shutdown – How Will It Affect Education, College & Pell Grants?

Update: Are you being affected by the US government shutdown? Let us know in the comments at the end of this article.

Unless you’ve been asleep under a rock for the past few weeks, and especially for the past couple of days, you will be aware that the US government is on the brink of the first shut down in 17 years. Whatever your political views and beliefs are, there is no doubt that one of your first thoughts about this issue is “How will it affect me and my family?”.
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Are Single Moms included in Romney’s 47%?

September 2012: As a single mother who is either unemployed and wishing to further your education, or employed part or full time and looking to combine that with higher studies at college or university, you may be well offended at Mitt Romney’s recent remarks that 47% of the American population do not pay taxes and consider themselves victims.

In truth, many like yourself would love to be in a position where you are paying income tax (many of you probably already are, combined with single motherhood).

The problem lies in the extreme difficulties in being a single mom, plus an employee or small business owner, plus someone who sees the vast benefits in gaining a degree or other qualification through expensive higher education. Read more…

Pell Grant Increase Bill Could Make College More Affordable for Moms

July 2009: A proposed bill that aims to increase Pell Grant scholarships for low income students (especially single moms etc) is on the cards. This bill, if it goes through, will make college more affordable for people who are considered to be low income.

President Barack Obama has a plan to increase student aid and this is his first leap into making it a reality.

One lawmaker has put forward a bill that will involve linking the Pell Grant scholarship amount to inflation. This means that the amount of money that students get will actually reflect the economical situation, rather than have the grant being left behind whilst inflation rises.

How are they planning to pay for this increase in student aid? Most of it would come from eliminating a massive program of subsidies for private college loans. Of course this is opposed by lenders and their political supporters.

I really like how Obama is taking an approach that is making the process more transparent.

Obama said:

“Chairman Miller and I are working to end the wasteful subsidies that are given to banks and private lenders for student loans,”

He really does want to stop this under the table money exchange that so often goes on, and good for him.

Apply for the Pell Grant and also apply for other grants and scholarships such as this scholarship for moms.

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