President Biden’s Plans for Moms Going Back to School?

President Biden has previously spoke of the desire for free college tuition to be available to all Americans.

Now that the President has taken office, what can we as moms expect to see from the new administration when it comes to financial assistance for mothers wanting to study, single mothers going back to school, and those moms who may have already started studying but had to put it on hold due to finances or family commitments.

Specific details about education, college and adult college tuition is yet to be known, but we can be almost certain that there will be some positive changes made which will potentially make a giant difference to any mom who dreams of going back to school, no matter what your age or where you live.

At front of mind of course is that President Biden’s wife, Dr Jill Biden, is herself a teacher. This strong family connection to education will no doubt ensure that the President is fully aware of how critical education is to Americans of all ages; including moms.

Colleges are having a tough time right now with COVID, and the Biden administration will no doubt be looking very closely at how to get college education back into full swing again.

We will have to wait and see precisely what the new President is going to reveal when it comes to education, and when it comes to education related finances which is certainly an area of great concern to us moms. This website will be regularly updated with all the latest news and developments.

There has been talk of anything from student loan forgiveness being a priority, to the aforementioned free college opportunities which is said to be a passion of Jill Biden. Specifically this has been spoken of as being free tuition for two years at a community college. If this idea comes to reality, it will be of huge benefit to moms who have previously struggled to come up with the money for tuition fees and those who do not want to take on more student debt.

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