Adult Degree Completion Scholarships (Maine) $4000/Yr for Women Going Back To School

Did you start a college degree in Maine, but had to drop out before you could complete it?

Then you could qualify for up to $4000 per year in scholarships with the Adult Degree Completion Scholarship from the University of Maine. If your gap out of college has been for three or more years and you were studying at a University of Maine institution, then this is a scholarship that can help get your studies back on track.

There are a lot of reasons why you might have had to drop out of your college degree. Whatever the reason was, there’s nothing more disappointing than knowing you can’t continue with the studies you were so determined to complete. The main reason that women drop out of a degree early include:

  • Financial difficulties – if you can’t afford to study, you might have had to go back to full time work instead
  • Divorce – ending a relationship can place all sorts of hardship on you, making it difficult to maintain a study routine
  • Raising children – many women with young children go back to college, but some find it too challenging to juggle both, particularly when there is little to no support available
  • Lack of confidence – your grades might not be what you hoped for, dashing your hopes of completing the degree. This can often be a result of not having enough time to study due to having to work part time or look after a family

So whichever circumstance caused you to stop your studies early, if you were in the UMA system three or more years ago, there’s now hope that you can go back and complete your degree with financial assistance.

This scholarship can award you up to $4000 per year for the remainder of your studies. For many women this can be all the difference in being able to study, or having to let go of your dream forever.

Here’s all you need to know about this scholarship:

What is the Adult Degree Completion Scholarship?

  • You need to be a returning undergraduate student in Maine who has been out of college for a minimum of 3 years
  • You must have already completed 30 credits of your degree
  • Even if you intend on studying part time, you can still qualify for this scholarship as long as you are completing 6-8 credits each semester.

How much is it worth?

  • Students can receive up to $4,000 per academic year for the remainder of your studies (maximum of 8 semesters)

How do I apply for the Adult Degree Completion Scholarship?

Applications are completed online at the official website right here

There are two cut off dates depending on when you are returning to school: August 1 for a full academic year, and December 1 for an award for spring semester. Make sure you meet all five of the listed requirements before you start the application process; and take your time with the application to ensure you have the best possible chance of being selected!

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