Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

Arkansas single parent scholarship fund

Are you a single mom living in Arkansas and wanting to go back to school, but need financial assistance?

The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund is where you should be looking first.

The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund could be described as the best and most generous scholarship program for mothers and single parents in the whole of the United States.

Their goal is to assist single moms and dads in returning to school to get a degree or other qualification by helping to remove the stress and burden of paying for it all yourself, as well being able to look after your children, pay your bills and manage life while you’re studying.

With more than 2300 scholarships awarded to single parents last year alone, the fund has given out more than $23 million in educational financial assistance since it started in 1990.

Thousands and thousands of single parents just like you have had their lives transformed through this program.

This is a lot more than just your regular scholarship program though. ASPSF does not just hand out a check and send you on your way.

Instead, they treat you as an individual, providing a very personal touch to assist you in virtually every aspect of life while you are undertaking your studies and working to further your qualifications so that you and your family can benefit.

The ASPSF knows that when a single parent is well educated, their children have a considerably higher chance of being motivated to see the value in education, and to achieve their own goals in life.

Breaking down the cycle of disadvantage and financial struggles in single parent families is a major goal of the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund.

So not only do you personally benefit, but your children and entire family will as well as new opportunities open up for a better, brighter future for all.

Fast Facts About The ASPSF

  • ASPSF scholarships are for low income, single parents living in any Arkansas county
  • Over $1.6 million is awarded in scholarships each year statewide
  • Expenses covered can include food, housing, car and gas, utilities, childcare and more
  • Additional support services include help with financial planning, career guidance and much more
  • Provides personalized support to help single moms manage the time and financial commitments of school, work and family
  • Single parents who receive an ASPSF scholarship are 25% more likely to stay in school and finish their program compared to the average graduation rate in Arkansas

Positive Outcomes

Watch this inspiring video about positive outcomes involving people just like you who were awarded a scholarship and support from the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund:

Who Is Eligible?

People who need help the most in paying for their secondary education as adults – single moms like you – are exactly who the ASPSF helps to achieve their dreams every year.

This can be you if you meet the basic criteria for the scholarship fund:

  • Single parents
  • On a low income
  • Living in Arkansas

The specific county you live in will determine the exact eligibility requirements for the scholarship, but as long as you meet the above three criteria, you have an excellent chance of being eligible. See the link below to find out how to look up the eligibility criteria for your county, and how to submit your application.

How To Apply For An Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship

Each county has its own specific requirements for eligibility, awards and deadlines. The official ASPSF website contains links to every county where you can view this specific information, and complete an application that needs to be submitted by the deadline specific to your own county.

This scholarship program is an opportunity not to be missed for single mothers living in Arkansas!

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