Are Homeschoolers Socially Awkward?

Are Homeschoolers Socially Awkward

Just because a child is educated at home, does this means they get on to the road of becoming socially awkward? Do homeschooled kids really risk losing their social skills?

Of course not.

Homeschool education is a small part of your child’s life. Since you set the hours and the days, you will also be planning the times that your children socialize with other kids. Whether that be children who attend regular school, or other homeschooled children.

There’s no way that any child who is home educated has to live a life without friends and without maintaining their all important social skills.

Homeschoolers are not any more socially awkward than a child who attends regular school.

In fact part of your homeschooling goals will be social development, particularly for very young students. If your child has never been to a regular school then you might already have a schedule and lifestyle that facilitates regular interaction with friends and peers. If your child has or will be removed from public schooling, home education is a big change, but the fact he or she might already have a circle of friends does make it easier to maintain those friendship connections outside learning times.

Your child will still have weekends, holidays and summer vacations to spend with friends like any other schoolkid.

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