How To Get Single Mom Assistance in Alabama

It can feel like help and support is difficult to come by as a single mom in the state of Alabama.

If you’re a single mother living in Alabama and if you’re looking for financial or other types of assistance, you will find that there is support available from both government and community sources.

The first place to check is the Alabama Department of Human Resources

The Alabama Family Assistance program is suitable for both single mothers, and dual parent families where there is a low income.

You must have one or more children aged under 18 to have a chance of receiving this financial aid.

If you are currently pregnant, you can also be eligible if you’re on a low or very low income.

How can you get benefits and assistance from the Alabama department of human resources?

It can take some time because you need to manually submit an application form – you can’t just apply online.

Find the form at the Alabama Department of Human Resources website, print it, fill it out, and send it back to the address listed on the form. Or, contact your local County Office in Alabama and they can send a form out to you. The form to request is the Alabama Family Assistance application form.

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