Saturday February 06, 2016

Finding Scholarships for a Mom

Locating scholarships for a mom can often be like finding a needle in a haystack – ok perhaps not THAT hard but you know what I mean!

I wonder why so many colleges and employers think that moms will not make good students or employees?

Perhaps it is due to the commitment issue: they just think you don’t have the time to commit yourself to the study or the job. We know this is wrong though!

If you know that you can be a great student, and if you are ready to take on a college degree, then a scholarship is the best way to get the cash for college so that money won’t be a problem for you. Finding scholarships for moms returning to school does not have to be daunting or difficult. But you do have to know where to look.

Some of the best ways to find scholarships for a mom who wishes to go to school include:

1. The Internet
The internet has a few great resources for finding scholarships and grants. Look at websites from reputable colleges and universities.

2. Go to College Campuses
Make a list of colleges you are interested in and go visit them. Talk to the department about grants and scholarships – they may have one that is perfect for you.

3. Government Departments
Call or go to your local education department or state department who will have a lot of useful information about mothers who wish to go to college.

4. Win a Scholarship
If you don’t meet merit or other criteria then winning a scholarship is a great way to get one. Just enter as many competitions and draws as you can and who knows, you may become a winner.

These are just 4 of the ways to find a scholarship if you are a mom wishing to return to school.

2016 Scholarships and Grants Books and Guides

Ultimate Scholarship Book 2016
The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2016
This is the most popular scholarships book, with a new edition being printed every year containing up to the minute details of literally billions of dollars with of scholarships and other types of grants. The 2016 version has an additional 300 new listings compared with last year, and the index allows you to look up specific scholarships that suit your own personal situation and circumstances.
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Peteron's Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2016 book
Peterson’s Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2016
The most up to date info about grants and scholarships for 2016. Covering all types of awards for all types of students, this is the guide to have if you are serious about your grant applications in the new year.
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General Scholarship Writing and Application Books

The above books are focused on helping you find scholarships and grants to apply for. But the application, essay and interview processes are where you might hit a stumbling block. It is so vital to get your application and potential interviews right, and that’s why any one or more of the following books are worth their weight in gold for anyone who wants to ensure that they submit the absolute best grant and scholarship applications that will give you the highest chance of being succesful.


How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay – 30 Essays That Won Over $3 Million in Scholarships
Getting your scholarship application right means the difference between success and failure. This book gives you real examples and advice that really guides you through the all important essay and interview process of applying for a scholarship. Read an analysis of 30 winning scholarships to find out what works and what doesn’t; then put these exact strategies into your own applications.
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$5000 Single Mothers Grants from the Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma

November 2015

Single mother students in Oklahoma can now start applying for educational grants up to the amount of $5000. The grant applies to all public colleges and universities in Oklahoma.

The Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma is focused on investing in the future of women and girls in OK by providing them with opportunities that can lead them to becoming economically independent.

Over $260,000 in grants have been distributed by the foundation since 2004, changing the lives of hundreds of women.

Low income, single mothers in Oklahoma who want to complete their education can apply for grant awards of up to $5,000.

Find out how to apply at:

Applications close January 15, 2016

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